Saturday, July 9, 2011

NZ Labour Law Association Inaugural Conference

The New Zealand Labour Law Association Inc will, in association with Victoria University's School of Law, hold its inaugural conference on Friday 2nd December this year. The final programme is yet to be confirmed and papers may be submitted for possible presentation. One theme will be issues from Australia. Prof Andrew Stewart of the University of Adelaide will provide an account of current developments in Australian law and the Fair Work Act and Prof Richard Johnstone from Griffith will speak on the proposed Australian model OSH law.

You can register online and find further information at

Domestic Workers in Singapore

In my last blog I mentioned the ILO convention on domestic workers. This article from The Guardian is a useful account of what is probably the better end of the problem. Singapore does tend to have a sound legal system and in comparative terms is likely to be one of the better places to be employed - although it, like the UK, has refused to ratify the convention. Nevertheless it provides a useful account of the degree of exploitation and the attitude of some employers