Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hiring employees and registering companies

I was struck by the comments on company registration, reported in today's Dominion, by Phil O'Reilly from Business NZ. Mr O'Reilly seemed perturbed that company registration might be made more difficult and argues that claims that it is too easy to set up a company are misplaced. Given that, if media reports are to be believed, registration requires little more than a signature with no verification of the accuracy of the information provided or of the identity of directors I wondered if Mr O'Reilly might also argue that hiring employees also involves excessive costs - why bother to require authenticated documents or check cvs or referees? And in another context, anyone who has tried to enter a bank in recent times will know that photo ID and other proof of residence etc is required for even relatively ordinary transactions.

One might have thought that company registration might require at least the same level of scrutiny as being employed or opening a bank account!

And finally I will be off-line for awhile as the Banks Peninsula track beckons. I trust all readers are having or have had a good holiday.

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