Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Zealand Labour Law Society

The New Zealand Labour Law Society was formed in late 2009 and has just held its first AGM. The Society will be launched in Auckland on June 3rd. Details will be posted later.

The purposes of the Society are to:
(a) to promote the study of, and exchange of ideas about, labour law and social security in New Zealand and at the international level;
(b) to provide lawyers and others working in the fields of labour law and social security with a forum for discussion and debate;

All persons with an interest in labour law are welcome to join for a mere $25. Contact Michelle D'Souza [] who can send you a membership form

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  1. yes its good information New Zealand labour law derives from two sources. statute (Acts of Parliament) and common law (principles developed by Courts and Tribunals). There are a series of statutes that make up what is frequently referred to as the "minimum code". This series of statutes sets out the minimum entitlements of New Zealand employees